What We Do

At Military Moulage Combat Injury Simulation™ (MMCIS) we partner in continuing education with military and civilian medical personnel in providing the “visual” mock casualty experience through moulage. This helps bring to life the “train as you fight, fight as you train” philosophy of today’s military and the civilian first response community.

Arguably, the most critical moments in a wounded soldier’s care in combat is the first 10-15 minutes. Quick reaction time can make all the difference between life and death; the mental connection between the laboratory injury simulation experience and a real life encounter has been demonstrated to be a pivotal element in rapid triage and proper medical intervention.

MMCIS™ provides the highest quality moulage training workshops for military and civilian casualty simulation personnel, regardless of their skill level, which helps companies or individuals achieve the greatest value for training investment dollars.

Our company staff of educators includes an Emmy Award® winning makeup special effects artist and military combat medical veteran instructors who have decades of experience in training soldiers and civilians in emergency, disaster, and combat medicine. Together they bring the ultimate tactical and technical moulage experience in casualty simulation available to students.

MMCIS combines Hollywood special effects with real world Medical Trauma expertise

MMCIS is unique in that it combines the:

  • Exclusive Hollywood special makeup effects developed by the twice Emmy Award winning original founder of MMCIS; and
  • Real world medical qualifications and trauma experience of MMCIS current President, who is regarded as one the world’s leading Moulage specialists.

Our MMCIS Students uniquely benefit from this combination plus the use state of the art materials and methods. Enabling the student to acquire an impressive hands-on knowledge base in techniques and resources to produce real-to-the-eye injury replicas that will enhance any training exercise.

Completing an MMCIS casualty simulation workshop can help provide a more successful outcome in your MCI drills and exercises.

A partial listing of recent clients include:
US Army / /Medical Simulation Training Centers
US Navy / USS Harry Truman Battle Group
United States Air Force Academy
US Marines / 1st Medical Battalion
US Air Force
Canadian Defence Forces
Australian Defence Forces
National Naval Medical Center / Bethesda Naval Hospital
US Marshalls
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
US Department of State
Booze Allen Hamilton
Computer Sciences Corporation
INOVA Health Systems
University of Louisville / Division of Protective Medicine
US Army Fort Belvoir DeWitt Hospital
Chemical and Biological Incidence Response Force / USMC
Howard University Hospital
Israeli 54th Airborne Battalion
New York City Fire Department
American Red Cross
District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department
United States Pentagon Police
Defense Training Systems
Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences
Community Research Associates
Virginia Hospitals Alliance Association
Washington Hospital Center
John’s Hopkins University
Royal Flying Doctor Service
Special Air Service Regiment (Australia)
Cornell Medical Center

See what some of our students have to say:

“High fidelity casualty simulation moulage has to be synergistic
with tactical function scenario training for austere environments.
Moulage impacts full proficiency in performance without hesitation
to care for the casualty under fire. MMCIS is a pivotal
element in bringing a unique combination of skilled material experts
and top battlefield medic instructors to this mission.”

18D Medic Instructor, US Navy Seals
Norfolk, VA

“Anyone working in medical simulation definitely needs this workshop
if you want to step up or enhance your moulage techniques
with the best materials and methods available. No other program
I have been involved with comes close to this kind of training.”

68W Combat Medic, Army National Guard
Lebanon, PA