A Few Testimonials on File From Some of Our Recent Clients:

Although it is unfortunate that we have to prepare and train for experiences that involve mass casualties, it is so important to have the knowledge and ability to create injury simulations to better prepare our civilian medical staff and military medics for the real thing. This class is an important step for better and more rapid response time”.

Nurse/Child Life Specialist
INOVA Health Systems
Fairfax, VA

“This course offers very detailed and mission oriented simulations. I wish I had gone through this kind of realistic training prior to my first deployment, as it would have well prepared me for the real casualties I had to tend to. I will highly recommend this course to all my fellow corpsman, regardless of experience or rank.”

HM2/US Navy Corpsman
CBIRF/US Marine Corps

“The level of detail and experience of the “Boot Camp” instructor was extremely helpful to me to better understand the techniques of moulage, and how this art aids so many individuals in ways I wasn’t familiar with. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this workshop!”

Nurse,Virginia Hospital Center
Arlington, VA

“I’ve been doing stage make-up and moulage for more than
twenty years, so when I had the chance to attended “Boot Camp” I wasn’t sure what more I could add to my skill set that I didn’t already have…I was more than amazed! From the moment I arrived until the moment I left I learned far more in two days than I ever thought possible about an art form I thought I had mastered.  The new skills I picked up at Boot Camp helped me orchestrate a mass casualty exercise with 83 victims; 65 of them in 2 1/2 hrs!  The instructor is a highly skilled and extremely talented moulage artist who energetically (and patiently) shares and teaches this craft to those who want professional skills in high realism moulage.  Anyone who wants to learn the art of moulage and how to “do it right” must attend this course. I’m a believer! A word of advice: be ready to hit the ground running and be prepared to have a great time learning”.

CPT, Army National Guard
Louisville, Kentucky

“I highly recommend this outstanding workshop for anyone who wants to learn moulage from the ground up, and with a skill set that will be effective in using a wide variety of materials for any disaster training exercise”.

TSGT, 10th MDG
US Air Force Academy

“If you want to add extreme realism to your disaster/mass casualty drills, you won’t want to pass up any opportunity to attend this very important combat injury simulation workshop”.

INurse/NOVA Health Systems
Stafford, VA

“I hope this valuable training will always be available to my shipmates as well as other service members. The manipulatives we learned to make in this workshop will give us the valuable training visual of actual injuries we may encounter in the field. It will give us the opportunity to train for the real reaction in theater, and mentally prepare ourselves for the most extreme injuries we may encounter”.

HM2/Hospital Corpsman
US Navy

“This moulage workshop was outstanding and I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn the craft! What I learned from this experience will help me and my emergency staff be much better prepared and equipped for our mass casualty drills.”

PA/Fauquier Hospital
Warrenton, VA

“The world is changing and we must adapt and be prepared at all times. We need to know how to deal with many and all emergencies. This excellent workshop teaches you how to help your co-workers how to recognize the injuries so they are better able to deal an emergency situation. I feel so fortunate to have had this moulage training experience with an outstanding instructor, thanks for all you do!”

Nurse/Mary Washington Hospital
Fredricksburg, VA

“The Boot Camp Basic moulage workshop is very hands-on and highly educational. This is a great training opportunity with a high degree of realistic injury simulations”.

EMT/Virginia Hospital Alliance
Bealton, VA

“For any person or unit doing training in medical care, especially field medicine, I would strongly recommend these workshops. The simulations I learned to make from this training are far better than anything else I have worked with, including strap on injuries”.

Medical Training ALPO
CBIRF / US Marine Corps

“I very much enjoyed this course, and acquired a massive amount of moulage techniques to employ in a future tactical training exercise. Thank you for providing a much needed course and I strongly recommend it to any medical personnel.

HM1/Hospital Corpsman
US Navy

I wanted to write to you to thank you so much for the class, and I really had a blast learning and doing the moulage.  I am definitely looking forward to taking the warfighter workshop in the fall. Once again, thank you for providing me with not only a fun and entertaining environment to learn in, but extremely useful products and techniques that I can bring back to the command for use.

HM2/Naval Hospital Corps School
Great Lakes, IL

“ I learned far more about working with state of the art moulage materials and techniques in this one comprehensive course than Idid by taking a dozen other classes. Working with experienced professionals who lead the edge of high fidelity realism makes a profound difference in casualty simulation quality and outcomes.”

Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences Instructor
Washington, DC

“As an EMT I have been heavily involved with casualty simulation moulage for over 10 years, so I felt I had very strong skills. I was very surprised to see that I significantly advanced my moulage knowledge and technique base in 3 days of working with this company and their excellent staff of military medic instructors. This workshop is well worth the time and investment to learn serious technique for real to the eye results.”

Civilian EMT Instructor
Edmonds, WA

“This coure is absolutely essential for accuracy in casualty simulation renderings, and for use in teaching health care professionals high realism in their trainings”

Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada

“This was a fantastic experience! The staff is very knowledgeable and genuinely enjoy teaching this very involved curriculum. This is a must course for anyone involved in casualty simulation, and I am very glad to have taken this course along with my unit.”

Canadian Forces
Edmonton, Alberta – Canada

“This Boot Camp workshop was an excellent top to bottom front to back experience in creating high fidelity casualties for a variety of our medical training exercises. I have no doubt that medics being trained using these materials and techniques will be more prepared to confront the brutalities and realism of trauma in a war zone” I am hoping our unit will be able to come back and take the A.I.T Course soon.”

Canadian Forces
Edmonton, Alberta – Canada

“This course was a fabulous experience! It was so informative, enlightening in materials and technique while being practical and really fun. I loved the depth of hands-on experience we had, which will be so useful back in my unit. I will definitely used what I learned today to greatly enhance my skills. I was so absorbed in the learning that time just flew by and left me wanting more. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is involved in moulage in any way. It’s an excellent course with a very professional staff.

Canadian Forces
Borden, Ontario – Canada

“I would just like to say that this is the most excellent staff and program I have ever attended. i walked away with confidence, a mastery of moulage skills, and a purpose for what I can do with them. The course was highly effective and efficient in delivery, and I don’t think I have learned so much so quickly with so much fun in the process.”

Hospital Safety Officer
Homer, MI

“The Boot Camp Course took my basic moulage skill to a much higher and advanced level in just 3 short days. The staff has impeccable backgrounds that converge to bring an amazing class. The excellent instruction and attention to detail provided me with confidence in the skill set I acquired, and I feel so much better prepared professionally for my next excercise. I highly recommend this workshop!

Exercise Planner
Fredricksburg, TX