Meet Our Company Staff


Robert Shotto (“Sarge”)
MMCIS Military Liason / Director of Staff Operations / Instructor

SFC (Ret) Robert Shotto served 22 years as an Infantry Combat Medic with the United States Army. He served as the 68W Program Manager and Senior Medical Instructor for 1st Army pre-deployment training. He was responsible for initiating the use of patient simulators into Army Medicine training programs, and is internationally recognized as a subject matter expert in simulation theory, applications, and programming. He maintains his certification as a Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) – Certified Instructor (INDEF).

Upon his Army retirement Rob went to work for Medical Education Technologies, INC (formerly METI, now CAE Healthcare) as a Senior Clinical educator. He authored computer programs for their manikin systems, and oversaw programming operations as well as systems installations/problem solving for their extensive client base all over the world.

Rob worked on several other manikin development projects for METI-CAE Healthcare, including the iSTAN rugged overhaul and the METIman pre-hospital care simulator. He conducted on-site trainings for METI’s manikins and related products at manyl Army Medical Simulation Training Centers (MSTCs). Rob has a passion for and outstanding skill in casualty simulation moulage design and application, and was directly involved in the development of the METI FX Universal Severe Trauma Moulage Kit.

Rob moved on from METI-CAE to take over as the Systems Operations Manager and Lead Coordinator for the Penn State College of Medicine’s prestigious Clinical Simulation Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He holds memberships/board and committee chairs in the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Administration and Management Committee, and Amercian College of Chest Physicians (ACCP), and The Society for Simulation in Health Care (SSIH). Rob is also President and CEO of Patient Simulation Services Consulting Group (PSSCG.) He is currently involved in committee development of new training platforms for next generation simulation.

Rob oversees staff operations, government liasons, and military casualty simulation training course developments for MMCIS, and Instructs the “Boot Camp Elementary Moulage Technician” workshop. He is the lead consultant in the design and development of TraumaSkin FX™ Casualty Simulation Training Aids.



John Clouse (“Major Disaster”)
MMCIS Director of Training Operations /Curriculumn Development / Instructor

John Clouse is completing his third decade of military service to our nation as a Medical Operations, Plans, and Intelligence Officer.  He served in Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, New Horizons (South America), and Joint Task Force level in Operation Enduring Freedom (03, 04) Operation Iraqi Freedom (06), and JTF Katrina (Forward).  He holds a masters degree in radiology from Midwestern State University, and has been an associate professor of radiologic science for several Colleges and Universities.

John holds a faculty appointment in Emergency Medicine with the Boonshoft School of Medicine at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, where he develops and conducts course work and training exercises for the National Center for Medical Readiness at the Calamityville Tactical Lab.  He previously served as the Deputy Director of the Division of Protective Medicine Center for Disaster and Emergency Medicine Preparedness at the University Of Louisville School Of Medicine.

He is a frequently requested consultant in the areas of Emergency/Disaster Preparedness and Response, and is a member of the Academic Review Committee of the National Disaster Life Support Foundation of the AMA.  He is a subject matter expert in the areas of Radiation (Dirty Bombs, CBRNE, etc), Disaster Medicine (Pre-Hospital), Mass Triage, MASCAL Operations, Incident Command (medical), Mass Fatality (natural death) Planning, and Blast Injury.

John is HSLEEP certified, and a professionally trained expert in casualty simulation moulage technology.  He has a wealth of experience in conducting large-scale multiple casualty scenarios with an emphasis on WMD/CBRNE.  He developed and commanded the medical portion of the base-wide Ft Knox Anti-Terrorism Training Exercise for several years, and the National Level Exercise (NLE).

John serves as the Director of Training Operations, and leads the Simulation Curriculum Development team for MMCIS.  He Instructs the “Boot Camp Elementary Moulage Technician” workshop and  the “Warfighter MASCAL ALL HAZARDS EXERCISE” Design Course. John is a consultant in the ongoing design and develompent of new and innovative products for FX™ Casualty Simulation Training Aids.


Suzanne (with “Sarge”)
MMCIS Program Consultant / Instructor

Suzanne is a long time veteran of moulage/special makeup effects. She is an Emmy Award® winning makeup artist with a well known reputation in the film and television industry for her casualty simulation work and inventive expertise.  She holds numerous other awards of excellence in the entertainment industry for her creative makeup skills, and has trained hundreds of military and civilian medical personnel in the high art of casualty simulation moulage for the past 15 years.

She brings cutting edge technology and techniques together with high fidelity materials in a unique methodology that allows the student to easily acquire the skills necessary to produce “High Definition” moulage results. Her meticulous attention to detail with accuracy in moulaged physiology has earned her much praise, admiration, and frequent requests for consulting by the military casualty simulation community.

High fidelity realism in field training exercises and mass casualty drills always leads to highly successful outcomes. Suzanne’s passion to assist in that objective is deeply rooted in her family’s long history of decorated military service to our country.  She is honored to help serve in the mission of saving lives through the training of military and civilian First Responders in the art and techniques of trauma simulation moulage.

Suzanne co-instructs the “Boot Camp Elementary Moulage Technician” workshop along with Robert, John, Nancy, and Daniel. She is the lead instructor for the “A.I.T.” Advanced Injury Training Workshop, and the “High Definition” Master Moulage Workshop.



Nancy Cosier (“EMT NANC”)
MMICS Virginia Region EMS Liason / Co-Instructor

Nancy Cosier, a National Registry Emergency Medical Technician, has been serving in the civilian medical field for over 24 years. She became an EMT Instructor in the early 90’s and continues to teach EMT classes and certification in the Northern Virginia Region. Nancy started to dabble in moulage when she joined her local Fire & Rescue Department in Northern Virginia in 1987. Her development and use of a variety of moulage mediums and techniques has given her a unique ability to create fast and highly accurate work in injury simulation moulage, with a particular specialty in impalements, fractures and bruising.

Nancy frequently employs her excellent moulage skills for the Virginia State EMT Basic Testing. She has conducted moulage courses for MMCIS at the Virginia Office of EMS Annual Virginia EMS Symposiums.  As an EMT Instructor, she creates casualty simulation scenarios to help students gain a better visual perspective of what they may actually encounter in the field for triage.

She has performed casualty simulation moulage for the National Registry EMT testing, Fairfax County Police Department SWAT Team, and the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department Recruit Schools “Night Ops”. She has also created and produced moulage for CERT Teams in Gainesville and Manassas, Virginia,  Prince William County Fire & Rescue  volunteer stations, and the Loudoun County Hospital Disaster Drill.  She has assisted MMCIS in their work with the National Naval Medical Center (Bethesda Naval Hospital) Annual Drill, Region Wide D.C. Fire Department Drills, and Washington Hospital Center’s MCI.



Daniel Boehm (“Book’em Dano”)
MMICS Military Liason / CBRNE Curriculumn Development / Instructor

Daniel Boehm is a Veteran Army combat medic and National Registry Emergency Medical Technician.  He graduated BCT and MSC, and received numerous awards and decorations while serving on active duty in a variety of capacities associated with Army emergency medicine/pre-hospital care.

He has extensive operational knowledge of casualty simulation trauma, advanced medical education training and U.S. Military Health Service Support, with special emphasis on management of mass casualties in a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE) environment.

Daniel served as faculty for the U.S. Army Health Care Specialist (68W) and Combat Lifesaver programs.  He developed and administered course curriculum, and facilitated skills based medical simulations in clinical and field training operations. He also developed instructional training videos, multimedia educational modules, and graphic training aid pamphlets that have been used around the world in other military/civilian EMS environments.

He has also authored, co-authored, and peer reviewed published medical handbooks, textbook chapters, and numerous articles and publications related to pre-hospital care simulation. Daniel currently works for the Department of the Army as the principle Field Medical Education Specialist at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, Chemical Casualty Care Division, at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.   His responsibilities include oversight and management of applied training and medical simulation for world renowned post graduate medical educational programs.

Daniel consults for the CBRNE curriculum development for MMCIS, and the WMD division in design and development of CBRNE products for TraumaSkin FX™ Casualty Simulation Training Aids. He instructs the “Boot Camp Elementary Moulage Technician” workshop.


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