Learn Moulage Boot Camp

“Boot Camp” Elementary Technician Workshop: is a highly compressed and intensive three (3) day course designed to immediately stand up a strong “top to bottom, front to back” knowledge base in the “Core 5” casualty simulation arts materials along with proficiency in the fundamental concepts, design, composition, and application of medical special effects appliances.

A closely supervised hands-on laboratory along with staff tutoring helps the student refine their learning process and execution. The instructors provide additional professional tips and add-on techniques during each performance phase of the workshop. Their renderings will be visually consistent with documented battlefield injuries and those of mass casualty incidents.

Boot Camp Knowledge and Skill Acquisition Overview:

  • Acquiring the visual and working index of the “Trauma Twelve” casualty simulations (minor to critically injured).
  • Working in t he “Core 5” materials of Casualty Simulation Arts
  • Working in advanced color application techniques and mediums that produce ultra realistic results.
  • Bleeding and non-bleeding injury simulations, from incident injuries to IED explosions, small arms fire, and vehicular/aircraft crashes.

Upon completion of this workshop the student’s performance is reviewed by a staff/military combat casualty instructor and certified ready to perform in their unit’s field training exercises as a Casualty Simulation Arts Specialist. Next Course or More Information