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Our Casualty Simulation Applied Arts courses have revolutionized traditional medical moulage techniques into the next generation platform of high fidelity “art of realism”. These courses have been carefully designed under the technical guidance of a military and civilian medical advisory counsel along with military medics on our staff. 

The course is taught by Nola Pearce, a world leading moulage specialist, who has created over 15,000 wound simulations for Military training exercises, and for major Police, Paramedic and Industry training scenarios.   Her focus in on medical accuracy in injury simulation.  The course was conceived and developed by 3 time nominated / Emmy Award winning makeup special effects artist, Suzzanne Patterson.   

We provide the student with state of the art materials and techniques which translates to cutting edge execution for all casualty simulation training needs. These workshops are conducted routinely at our Washington DC training facility throughout the year. They can also be scheduled, by prior contract arrangement, at your installation.

“Boot Camp” Elementary Technician Workshop: is a highly compressed and intensive three (3) day course designed to immediately stand up a strong “top to bottom, front to back” knowledge base in the “Core 5” casualty simulation arts materials along with proficiency in the fundamental concepts, design, composition, and application of medical special effects appliances.

A closely supervised hands-on laboratory along with staff tutoring helps the student refine their learning process and execution. The instructors provide additional professional tips and add-on techniques during each performance phase of the workshop. Their renderings will be visually consistent with documented battlefield injuries and those of mass casualty incidents.

Boot Camp Knowledge and Skill Acquisition Overview:

  • Acquiring the visual and working index of the “Trauma Twelve” casualty simulations (minor to critically injured).
  • Working in t he “Core 5” materials of Casualty Simulation Arts
  • Working in advanced color application techniques and mediums that produce ultra realistic results.
  • Bleeding and non-bleeding injury simulations, from incident injuries to IED explosions, small arms fire, and vehicular/aircraft crashes.

Upon completion of this workshop the student’s performance is reviewed by a staff/military combat casualty instructor and certified ready to perform in their unit’s field training exercises as a Casualty Simulation Arts Specialist.

“A.I.T.” Advanced Injury Training Workshop: this is also a highly compressed and intensive three (3) day course that takes the fundamental skill set acquired through “Boot Camp” into more advanced materials never experienced before, and multi-level construction techniques that produce ultra High Fidelity realism of casualty simulation Arts medical special effects being done today.

“A.I.T.” Advanced Injury Skill Set Overview:

  • Advanced materials, construction, and application techniques that further build on the acquired knowledge and skills performance in the “Boot Camp” course.
  • Working an extensive profile of WMD/ disease ailments in new advanced materials not available anywhere else, and advanced construction techniques.
  • Instruction and application in static mold reproduction materials that allows the student to create original designs or a copy.

Each workshop is strictly limited in the number of students in order to maintain a low, student-to-teacher ratio which fosters the best professional results. Students will take home a variety of reference materials, moulage products and construction materials, and completed renderings that are included in the workshop price. Students will also receive a course completion certificate indicating 24 contact hour credits per each three (3) day workshop.

“WARFIGHTER” Master Professional Course:
This workshop is based on our professional design and style of full service moulage execution that we are contracted to provide for military and civilian mass casualty drills and training events, professional casualty simulation arts services program. This course will teach the important elements of designing, developing, and executing the medical moulage portions of an ALL HAZARDS exercise in the military or civilian training environment.  Also included in this course is the design and build of ultra high fidelity appliances using an exclusive innovative and proprietary material and technique not available in any other moulage-based workshop.   This is a must course for anyone tasked to create a truly “high definition” successful training event with excellent measurable outcomes.

MMCIS is available to assist you with casualty simulation (moulage) for your disaster event, from conception to completion. Contact us to discuss your specific exercise needs and a price quote prospectus.

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“Boot Camp” Elementary Technician Workshop:
23rd to 25th January 2020 bookings now open
MMCIS Training Facility – Chantilly, VA (Metro Washington, DC)

“A.I.T.” Advanced Injury Training Workshop:
27th to 28th January 2020  bookings now open
MMCIS Training Facility –  Chantilly, VA  (Metro Washington, DC)

 “Warfighter” Master Professional Training Workshop:
29th to 30th January 2020   bookings now open
MMCIS Training Facility –  Chantilly, VA  (Metro Washington, DC)

Workshops dates are subject to change in the posted schedule without prior notice, and any changes will be updated and posted immediately on this page.

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