Our Mission

Terrorism has re-defined emergency medical training and disaster preparedness objectives in our country ‘s military pre-deployments and Homeland Security operations. We must now be ready to face an “all hazards” environment whether it’s on home soil or overseas.

The mission of Military Moulage Combat Injury Simulation (MMCIS) is to provide professional level hands-on workshops in moulage that educates and enables students to create and apply high fidelity body trauma replicas for realism in combat training exercises, disaster drills, and mass casualty scenarios.

We provide professional instruction in state of the art moulage materials and techniques to stimulate and empower our student’s creative abilities, and enabling them to craft high fidelity “real to the eye” casualty simulation renderings.

Our specialized instruction can be customized to meet your All Hazards training goals whether you need injuries from IED explosions, vehicular or aircraft crashes, small arms fire, disease simulations, or WMDs. We exist to serve the needs of our customers, and helping them meet their training objectives. Our training facility is located in the greater Washington DC area, however we serve our customers in a variety of venues, such as military installations, emergency medical service faciities, police and fire departments, medical colleges, and DoD government contractors.