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May is Military Appreciation Month

Their uniforms portray the picture…….of commitment, service, sacrifice, and valor and they are prepared to risk their lives at any moment as the guardians of freedom. These great men and women of our nation’s military deserve our thankfulness, praise, and deepest respect for bearing the cause of liberty. Their endless duty as protectors of our […]

Honoring Veteran’s Day

Cody US Marine. Patriot. Husband. Father. Veteran. Current Duty Assignment: Deployed to Heaven from Afghanistan, September, 2010″To the one that conquers, I will give a place with me to sit on my throne” Rev 3:21

The meaning of Veterans Day is one of great importance to reflect upon in honoring our military men and […]

Christmas Remembrance

As Christmas draws nears we must hold close to our hearts the valiant service ofthe many men and women of this great nation’s military who are deployed all around the globe. They will not be with their loved ones sharing in the delight and festivities that this holiday time of year brings. Rather they will, […]

Veteran’s Day Reflection

It’s very difficult to ignore the strong emotions and extreme controversy surrounding the Fort Hood, TX tragedy on this Veteran’s Day. It’s also very hard to comprehend the senseless murders of active duty Soldiers who stood up to serve this country with courage and nobility, but now laid to rest as Veterans.

The meaning […]

From IAVA: Honoring Their Sacrifice

While people are lighting up their grills, or spending a day off at the beach, it’s important to remember the real reason for today’s holiday. Today marks a solemn day of remembrance for the more than 1 million American heroes of all generations who gave the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields, defending our country.

To […]

May is Military Appreciation Month

I didn’t notice him at first. He was just one in a sea of faces I glanced through as I hurried to take a spot in line to board the plane. I wasn’t even aware he had taken a seat in front of me as the passengers were settling in to prepare for a […]

Happy New Year


Wishing our Armed Forces around the world peace, safety, and God Speed home!

I’m Every Soldier At Christmas

This holiday season many men and women of our Armed Forces are deployed in the deserts of Iraq, the mountains of Afghanistan, and stationed all around the world. As Christmas draws near soldiers will see it as just another day to miss home and to perform their daily jobs. On Christmas day they just […]

Reflections on Veterans Day

Veterans Day observations and festivities are taking place in thousands of cities and towns all over the USA. Many hold formal ceremonies, parades, and religious services to honor those who have served in our country’s Armed Forces. The Department of Defense has a website devoted to the celebration of Veterans Day, and the Department of […]

9/11: Soldiers of Freedom and Liberty

As the “rear guard” of the aging baby boomer generation marching on to their sunset years I pause for a few moments to reflect on the anniversary of 9/11, and recall some major historical occurrences during the course of our lifetime that will forever be a part of this country’s legacy. Events that catalyzed the […]