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Memorial Day – 2015 “Just a Common Soldier” Video Tribute

Today we remember the bravest of the brave…the men and women who laid down their lives, the ultimate sacrifice, for safeguarding this country’s enduring freedoms that we live with daily. It’s a time to reflect on and give thanks for those liberties that we enjoy as a result of the courageous consequence of their actions.


Memorial Day 2014 – Remember the Fallen

Most Americans think of Memorial Day weekend as the signal for picnics in sunshine, swim parties, and cookouts. Historically, it’s also a special time set aside in this nation to honor the men and women of our Armed Forces who have made the supreme sacrifice in service to our country. For many who have lost […]

Theatrical Blood Effects for Realistic Casualty Simulation: Part 4

In part 3 of this series we covered some important elements to keep in mind for maintaining high realism results when selecting and using theatrical bloods in your casualty simulation event or training exercise. You may want to review the previous blog installment that talks about the three essential requisites for realistic portrayal, as well […]

Theatrical Blood Effects for Realistic Casualty Simulation: Part 3

In the two previous blog posts in this series on theatrical blood effects we’ve discussed important facts and characteristics of human blood (and how it bleeds from the body) that you need to know in order to portray blood loss accurately in a simulation. We also covered some important requirements and what to look for […]

Theatrical Blood Effects for Realistic Casualty Simulation: Part 2

High fidelity blood simulation is a pivotal component in creating true-to-life bleeding traumas for accurate response in training, so there are some physiology facts to keep in mind about it when you are planning blood loss in your scenarios. First of all, the human body contains roughly a gallon plus a quart of blood, about […]

Theatrical Blood Effects for Realistic Casualty Simulation: Part 1

Dramatizing blood effects properly in bleeding injury simulations requires a bit of knowledge in how the human body hemorrhages as a result of trauma. Trauma simulation scenarios can include both internal and external bleeding, and creating realistic looking blood loss requires familiarity in using the right kind of theatrical products. Blood effects is arguably one […]

Memorial Day 2013 – Pause and Reflect

The Civil War stands as having claimed the most US service member lives than any other war in our history. In 1868, Union Army Major General John Logan formally declared a day in May to be set apart as ”Decoration Day”, a memorial occasion to honor those who served and fell in the Civil War. […]

Support America’s Military Heroes This Holiday Season

Christmas is a season when troops particularly feel the lonliness of being deployed, away from home, family and friends, and not much to celebrate with during their everyday duties. For them, Christmas day is just another work day. However, there are some ways you can help to brighten up the spirits of these courageous men […]

Thanksgiving Thanks To Our Troops – 2012

Wishing our troops and their families a safe, peaceful, and healthy “Happy Thanksgiving”. We ask God’s blessings and protection over our brave men and women who are serving world-wide and in harm’s way this holiday, and our thoughts and prayers always with them. For many Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines serving in Afghanistan, war does […]

Army Medical Initiatives Serve in Saving Lives

Medical advancements and achievements in military pre-hospital care medicine have significantly contributed to the highest wartime survival rate in history. According to a recent data gathered by the Secretary of Defense of Health Affairs the battlefield survival rate now stands at 97 percent. Thanks to ongoing research, development, pre-deployment training, and initiatives that provides solutions […]