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May is Military Appreciation Month

Their uniforms portray the picture…….of commitment, service, sacrifice, and valor and they are prepared to risk their lives at any moment as the guardians of freedom. These great men and women of our nation’s military deserve our thankfulness, praise, and deepest respect for bearing the cause of liberty. Their endless duty as protectors of our […]

Memorial Day: A Day of Honor for the Fallen

The last Monday in May can mean different things to people. For some, it signals the coming end of the school year and thoughts of summer vacation plans. Others are dusting off the grill for the first barbeque of the season, or gathering for a picnic and ballgame. Perhaps many are headed for a 3 […]

From IAVA: Honoring Their Sacrifice

While people are lighting up their grills, or spending a day off at the beach, it’s important to remember the real reason for today’s holiday. Today marks a solemn day of remembrance for the more than 1 million American heroes of all generations who gave the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields, defending our country.

To […]

May is Military Appreciation Month

I didn’t notice him at first. He was just one in a sea of faces I glanced through as I hurried to take a spot in line to board the plane. I wasn’t even aware he had taken a seat in front of me as the passengers were settling in to prepare for a […]