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Memorial Day 2014 – Remember the Fallen | Military Moulage - BLOG

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Memorial Day 2014 – Remember the Fallen

Memorial-Day-GraphicMost Americans think of Memorial Day weekend as the signal for picnics in sunshine, swim parties, and cookouts.  Historically, it’s also a special time set aside in this nation to honor the men and women of our Armed Forces who have made the supreme sacrifice in service to our country.  For many who have lost loved ones on the battlefield Memorial Day is far more than just pools and barbeque;  it’s a reflection of how great a debt we owe our fallen for holding the line for these daily freedoms we enjoy, and most often taken for granted.  They gave up their future hopes and dreams, families and friends to willingly place their lives in great peril and forfeit.  This was our “homeland security” throughout the generations that was bought on battlefields with a great price, and we should always have a profound sense of gratitude.  A gratitude that should compel us to live a life of service to one another as well.

Most Americans don’t realize that, in December 2000, Congress passed an additional law for Memorial Day, to set aside time at 3:00 PM to pause and honor the fallen.  There are many ways you can do this, such as a moment of silence anmemorial-day-2014d reflection, thanking a service member you see in uniform, or attend a Memorial Day event.  President John F. Kennedy honored the sovereignty of our country with a Memorial Day tribute in these words: “The cost of freedom is always high, but American’s have always paid it. And the one path we shall never choose is the path of surrender or submission”.  For Americans, our warriors will have never died in vain, as their legacy lives on in keeping liberty and freedom alive and well through those who have served, are serving, and those who will serve in future generations.

“Who kept the faith and fought the fight; The glory theirs, the duty ours.” –Wallace Bruce

3 comments to Memorial Day 2014 – Remember the Fallen

  • Lynn Moreno

    God bless all the men and women who risk their lives on a daily basis to protect America. May all Americans come to recognize the importance of this very important holiday- a humbling day of honor and sacrifice.

  • David Webb

    Well said! My two favourite holidays are Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

  • This is a very special blog. So many families also have made sacrifices to be able to kiss their loved one good-bye, not knowing if they would see them again. It is truly a day worth remembering for what it is! Thank you for informing of the 3pm Time to Pause!

    This gave me tears.


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