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Support America's Military Heroes This Holiday Season | Military Moulage - BLOG

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Support America’s Military Heroes This Holiday Season

Christmas is a season when troops particularly feel the lonliness of being deployed, away from home, family and friends, and not much to celebrate with during their everyday duties.  For them, Christmas day is just another work day.  However, there are some ways you can help to brighten up the spirits of these courageous men and women this holiday, and truly touch their hearts so far away from home.  One easy opportunity is Holiday Mail for Heroes, a program sponsored by the Red Cross every year during the Christmas season.  When writing out your holiday cards, why not add one more that includes an encouraging message and thanks for their service? Act now, as they accept cards through the deadline of December 7th for delivery in time to deployed military.  Send your cards to Holiday Mail for Heroes, P.O. Box 5456, Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456.  If you miss this deadline you can always send cards through Amillionthanks.org and they accept and send out cards not only during the holidays, but all year round!

Operation Care Package is a non-profit started by relatives of deployed service members.  They collect Christmas stockings throughout the year to send to soliders overseas so that they will have a bit of Holiday Cheer.   You can send them an emtpy stocking, which the organization will fill, or you can fill it with gifts yourself and send it to them.   The most prized items soldiers love are Slim Jims, protein bars, coffee, and hand warmers. Homemade items are also treasured, such as small pillows with warm greetings on them.  Check out the link above for more information and where to send the stocking.  You will be glad you did, just knowing that troops receiving these presents will give them a special joy and appreciation of those for whom they serve to protect.  The USO has their annual Care Package program going on for Christmas.  For $25.00 you can sponsor a package stuffed with many items, including a prepaid international phone card, travel sized toiletries, and snacks for troops deployed in Afghanistan, Kuwait and other overseas locations.  Visit the USO for more details on how to donate.

Let’s remember that families of deployed military also need remembrance and care, especially the little ones who greatly miss their moms and dads during the holidays.  Operation Home Front collects toys for military kids whose parents are serving overseas.   Currently they are conducting a toy drive, so head over to your nearest dollar store and pick up a board game, stuffed animal or even some craft supplies that are sure to cheer and delight any child.  These are just small ways to show our appreciation and thanks, and what better way to celebrate a season of joy, hope, and love than to pass that on to those who serve for our peace and comforts.

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