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Thanksgiving Thanks To Our Troops – 2012 | Military Moulage - BLOG

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Thanksgiving Thanks To Our Troops – 2012

Wishing our troops and their families a safe, peaceful, and healthy “Happy Thanksgiving”. We ask God’s blessings and protection over our brave men and women who are serving world-wide and in harm’s way this holiday, and our thoughts and prayers always with them.  For many Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines serving in Afghanistan, war does not take a holiday; it’s still a regular work day.  They will have an opportunity to be served a traditional Thanksgiving meal but it is still far from home, family and friends, and the traditions they share in celebrating together with loved ones.

As we sit down to enjoy our Thanksgiving meal let’s pause and reflect what we have to be grateful for.  Let’s give thanks for those who courageously serve to protect, honor, and secure the blessings this country enjoys, and to freely celebrate what this Thanksgiving Day truly represents.  Our military carries the spirit, courage, and strength of our country’s founding pilgrimage; those who came to this land with the hope of a new future and independence from English rule and oppression.

The settlers dedicated themselves to service, sacrifices, and hard work to grow and protect this establishment.  They created a society of success, and one that produced bountiful harvests from the land that held their cherished freedoms, upon which our Thanksgiving Day has its roots.  Since then our country’s culture has stood on the values of expressing gratefulness and appreciation for the bountiful freedoms and opportunities this country provides.  These liberties have been kept secure and guarded throughout our history by the greatest military in the world, and one that ensures our freedoms and blessings to celebrate ALL of our holidays.

This Thanksgiving Day, think of “support our troops” not as a slogan, but as an action we honor and incorporate in some tangible way in our daily living.  They serve without question, put their lives on the line every moment, and ask for nothing in return.  It’s not too much to ask to remember this in our daily thoughts and deeds.

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