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Veteran's Day Reflection | Military Moulage - BLOG

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Veteran’s Day Reflection

It’s very difficult to ignore the strong emotions and extreme controversy surrounding the Fort Hood, TX tragedy on this Veteran’s Day. It’s also very hard to comprehend the senseless murders of active duty Soldiers who stood up to serve this country with courage and nobility, but now laid to rest as Veterans.

The meaning of Veterans Day is one of great importance to reflect upon in honoring our military men and women who served and sacrificed. It is because of the vigilance of our past and present Veterans that this country became and remains the land of the free and the home of the brave. Fort Hood’s anguish and grief is also this nation’s heartache and sorrow, and today we continue to share in the suffering of the families and loved ones of those killed and injured in the bloodshed.

Many Americans will have challenges ahead with forgiveness and healing from this irrational act of violence against these innocent who swore allegiance to this great nation to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. On this Veteran’s Day it is especially important to remain focused on celebrating the liberty and freedom this country enjoys, and a precious commodity that was born through the valiant service and sacrifices of past Veterans.

The soldiers who fell at Fort Hood would not want to be remembered for anything less than that. It honors their memory that we never forget those who, long ago, stood up the hard won fight for our nation’s independence. Since then liberty and freedom has been preserved through the centuries by generations of Veterans who answered the battle cry to guard and protect. Let us always be vigilant in that our country’s sovereignty is eternally dependent on those who are serving now, and those who will serve in the future.

The war on terrorism must stay the course because it is also a mission of peace and prosperity. It is like a double edged sword to protect and defend the fragility of freedom and the hope of democracy throughout the world. Our military is charged to carry out the directives of government policies that our Congress makes and Presidents give the command for no matter how unpopular those policies may be. They suit up and perform their duties without question. They wear the uniform of this country with the courage, commitment, and responsibility every solider pledges to regardless of their personal views and opinions.

We as citizens of this country should possess the same in character, and stand up the values of integrity, loyalty, faithfulness, and selfless service as daily examples of living. We should never belittle the patriotism of Americans who exercise their love for this country, rather have reverence for those displaying what patriotism truly stands for. Let us embrace and live the values and principles that our military stands guard for every day, and show thankfulness for the protections over our rights and freedoms to choose.

This Veteran’s day, and every day, you can make a choice to do citizen service by giving of your time and resources whether it is through charity or volunteerism. You don’t need to wear a uniform to stand in the gap for those who are in need or comfort those who have born the wounds of sacrifice. Show your gratitude and support by being involved with worthy acts and causes that bring happiness, faith and dignity to a healing or hope filled soul. It’s the best way to honor those who have given so much of themselves to this country without expecting anything in return. Your heart will be glad you did!

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