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I’m Every Soldier At Christmas

This holiday season many men and women of our Armed Forces are deployed in the deserts of Iraq, the mountains of Afghanistan, and stationed all around the world. As Christmas draws near soldiers will see it as just another day to miss home and to perform their daily jobs. On Christmas day they just want to stay very busy, and stay alive for the day they can come back home to the people they love. The more busier and tired they become the less time they have to worry about wives, husbands, children, girlfriends or boyfriends, and dream of a normal everyday life back home.

Take a moment this Christmas week to pray for the safety of those who serve. Let’s remember those who give so much, and the sacrifices that they and their loved ones have made in support of our great country. We cannot take away this burden they bear for us, but we can show our deepest appreciation, care, and understanding for what they do.

Let’s also remember the brave and courageous who have fallen in the line of duty, and the families and loved ones they have left behind. Christmas will bear the marks of their absence, and perhaps hearts that are still struggling to heal from their loss. Let’s thank those who have safely returned and show our appreciation for their patriotic service.

It is fitting that this poem, “I Am Every Soldier at Christmas” by Mary Carter Mizrany, is dedicated as a tribute to our military men and women, and whose service and sacrifices will never be forgotten.


There are no carolers singing
O Little Town of Bethlehem . . .
If there are jingle bells ringing
sure wish I was hearin them ~

a husband, wife, daughter, or son . . .
Wishing I could be there with you,
I SO miss each cherished dear one ~

But I took an oath for my country
to protect it til the bitter end . . .
Freedom from every enemy
put my life on the line to defend ~

Promised always to do my duty
whether stateside or far away
United we stand ~ divided we fall
I’m prepared for every fray ~

Instead of turkey I’ll be eatin’ MRES . . .
You’ll find me somewhere on duty

on land ~ in air ~ on the seas ~

Wherever I am you can bet your life
I’m watchin my buddy’s rear . . .
But if I really had my druthers
be certain I wouldn’t be here ~

I’m totally devoted to my country
always ready ~ our freedom’s at stake . . .
Sleepin’ is rare ~ ammo we share
willin’ to die if that’s what it takes ~

so much more than a motto we say . . .
please remember me when you pray!

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